When did Internal Comms become
Internal Config?

Once upon a time intranets were about internal comms. Engaging your people. Then something terrible happened. They became about webparts, widgets, and config.

Ripple is THE communications intranet. It's all about creating proper good content.

Home pages

This is the communications intranet, it's all about proper content.

My Feed

Everybody has a MyFeed. It's their gateway into your Office 365. Stuff they're doing, places they're working, stuff they like and follow, content they engage with, recommendations.

Tag pages

You'll be creating content. And tagging it. Too much effort to create pages for different topics. Don't need to. It's automatic. Here's all the content, from the intranet and wider, tagged with #intranet


In My Feed your people can follow these topics. Simple.

Sectioned homepage

Not all content is created equal. Your homepage is carved up by content type. You decide which content posts where. You can choose section layouts too.

Content management

Everyone loves a drag and drop. Manage your content here. Put some approvals behind it if you like. And publish/archive dates.


Whoops. Spelling mistake. No problem, edit in the article. Multi-language is taken care of too.


See. Now it's in German.

Other Intranet-in-a-box providers will promise the world on day one.
Ripple does things differently. We believe in making your intranet the place for communications.

We get you up and running within 6 weeks

We're continually improving.

Intranet roadmap

Ripple Tide

One size doesn’t fit all. A peg for every hole isn’t practical either. Tide is the perfect compromise. A sensible range of site types, scenario-based, from ‘a basic internal site to store some archive stuff’ to ‘an externally-facing site, for a specific audience, containing sensitive data, accessible for a defined period’. Tide covers common scenarios and we can tailor your own.

Ripple Sonar

User engagement and content governance. Two key aspects of a successful intranet and document management system. Sonar gives you clean views into rich data on your content and your users. Track campaign performance, make point in time decisions, audit content lifecycle management and support your content governance requirements (including GDPR, retention and other regulatory needs). Engagement, measured.